Harmeet, Regarding your luck



Regarding your luck which has to be improve slightly after wearing the pearl as it will avoid ketu effects and slightly rahu effects as well. And please be aware some of the astrologers guide people to wear gemstones based on the planetory transitions, which do not give any results to the people from the evil effects of  the planet during the transitions. Reason being planets during transitions will give you their effects for temporary time and it would change later. And if you wear that planet gemstone and during wrong transition of a planet it would double the strength of the evil effects of the planet. And as per that astrologers after the transition is in good position then you need to remove it. hahahaha. Please be clear gemstones are been used only when in one’s horoscope the planets are been positioned badly and who will cause you evil effects, which are permanent throught out your life and to overcome these effects to certain extents you will be prescribed with the gemstone therapy.

So come out of the confusion, i really unaware which astrologers you would have approached, And am 100% sure an well astrologically literate mate wouldn’t specify gemstone for transition evil effects.


Srinivasa Temkar