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Greetings! Himanshu and Rikhav,

I have received following email from from GaneshaSpeaks.

With reference to the telecommunication had with you, kindly select the grade & payment mode to proceed further.

Name Of Gem Carat Grade 1/A+++ Grade 1/A+++ Grade 1/A+ Grade 2/A
Blue Sapphire 5 198450 99225 71663 49613
  • Lab Certificate: Free (Worth Rs. 350/-)
  • Ritual Service: Rs. 1100/-
  • Panchdhatu Ring / Pendant: Rs. 1400/-

Right Hand Middle Finger: Size can be measured by any local jeweler / cover the finger with thread & measure it in cms.

Shipping Charges: Free (Within India)

TOTAL: Confirm the Grade (Completely ready to wear with Ritual service & Auspicious Muhurat).

Kindly select the grade to proceed with order placement.

Please put light on it and guide me which gemstone should I go for? And, they have confirmed me that all these gemstones are from Srilanka.