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Good to know you are Singh Saab the great 🙂

Even my project technical head who is very friendly with me is also singh. Even is here with us in INDIA for an secondment, if not he stays there in UK near birmingham.

Ya even contracting even which is equal to an event managment job as mentioned in my previous post is also good to you. Do you have pharmacy shop / business in UK / India? if not having you can start one as well especially in ayurvedic medicines which will be good beneficial to you.

For the first remedy you can do that in evening times after getting freshen up. any time in evening after 6.30pm

One Frank thing which i wont to appreciate the faith reason being you are worshiping sikh sahib who signifies Jupiter and jupiter is placed in your poorva punya means your last incarnations good things effects. And the building contract which you are doing is also due to sikh sab / jupiter and even pharmacist job as well.

Dont worry every thing will get well soon. You didnt replied me whether you want mantra in Hindi language or an audieo file?


Srinivasa Temkar