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Dear Trepti,

Thanks for confirming the answers for the question raised by which it is confirmed you are born on Libra Ascendant. 

Referring your horoscope i can see that you are an good looking women, who is very much concerned about her surroundings and herself to be more tidy, and you wont like the people who are not keeping their office space or home very tidy. However i can see you are not so active in cleaning your own house, instead you like more in decorating it, usually you endup buying new stuff rather than cleaning it.

Apart from that you are an back biter what i can see and more over your major drawback to your success is you tend more looking deep in to any issues / concerns. Many of the time your mind gets diverted towards spirtual things, mystical powers and etc. However you wont agree in front of others and you transform the information to others as you are an very practical thinking person which you are not bascially.

Coming to your business of architechture I can see you are naturally fond of luxury around you. So are good at interior design no doubt in that. However you will / are earn good income in Civil oriented field like buildings, office space etc works. 

What i can see basically your mind set is very much leaned towards new technology from the begining in other words you spend more for new technology. If you want to enter in to the digital media feild i can say you cant make good amount of money, indeed you may find lose due to concerned planet facing loss house in your horoscope. And in the beginning few days it will get good amount and rest of the time loses, its 50:50 situation some time.

If we check your present transit postion, you are coming out of Sade sati after this november 2014. And from last 7 years i can see you faced lot of troubles and problems during this period however the effect was not much due to vimshottari was quite good.

Coming to the gemstone for your business which is at present should get well by after november this year. And if you startup the new  digital media oriented business you  start getting huge tensions by next year after july. as your zodiac gets affected by rahu ( northen node of moon) for next 18 months. So better skip this idea. If you cant then start the business after november this year looking through some good muhurtham. And along with this you have wear Gomed (Hassonite) gemstone on auspscious muhurtham which is after november requirement.


Srinivasa Temkar