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Dear Sukhdeep,

As per your wife birth details provided, she has born on sunday, Pushya constellation in 3rd quadrant under Cancer zodiac.

As per the birth details provided by you, your wife is an negative thinking person. She acts an lioness some times too tempermental, however she is an back bitter you know what i mean, she scolds in back rather than telling in front. And due to family realted things she will be more tempermental than any other thing / issue. She will become some time moody and some time arrogant / tough women.

As per the work life related, she will find good income in teaching profession and management related works. As per vimshottari, From last november 2010 i can see she is running with challenge full time and this challenge full time will remain till november 2017. And during this period only she had got the chance of travelling to abroad. And she will get all the capability to face these challenges eminently.  I can see from last november 2013 she is undergoing some tensions related to your visa and as well with her siblings related issues.

As per transit i can see from last year may 2013 she is undergoing losses and especially financial trouble family oriented tensions. And this situation will remain till mid of july this year. And later mid of july 2014 till next year till july 2015 the jupiter transit is not very favourable, she might undergo some very tough period, however this time shouldn;t cause more problem as her vimshottari after october this year is good, which could reduce the effect of jupiter transit later after july this year.

For generall wellbeing she can wear emerald set in gold ring on left hand little finger. on an auspicious muhurtham after properly energiesing it.


 Srinivasa Temkar