Dear Srinivasa, Thank you


Dear Srinivasa,

Thank you very much for a detailed analysis. I must appreciate your effort and time for guidance.

My job/service was in Garments and I am in this trade since last 10+ years. Major responsibilities include MARKETING and BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT. Have worked in Senior/Top Level positions in companies I worked for and had the opportunity to travel abroad.

Please note that the Gemstones that I wear are not consulted from any Jotish/Astrologist but I have applied these with different Gemology and Astrological (SELF) studies.

Wore Amethyst and Bloodstone in July 2013 but I do not regularly wear these combination. Permanently wearing the NECK LOCKET with the combination of : WHITE SAPPHIRE/TOPAZ (Top) + PEARL (Middle) + RED CORAL (Bottom).

I wear two RINGS for HEALING (Type 2 Diabetes and High Blood Pressure) and ASTROLOGICAL Purpose.

  1. YELLOW SAPPHIRE Ring (Right Ring Finger)
  2. RUBY Ring (Left ring Finger)

**Sometimes I change the RINGS combination to following:

  • YELLOW SAPPHIRE (Right Ring Finger)
  • RUBY (Left ring Finger)
  • BLOODSTONE (Right Middle Finger or Left Ring Finger)

NOTE: I have recently purchased CAT’S EYE (White Lehsunia) and GOMED (Hessonite Garnet). I have BLUE SAPPHIRE (Bangkok) and TURQUOISE from my past collection.

Will greatly appreciate if you can kindly advise which Gemstone Combination would be best for me for Healing and Astrological Remedial Purpose.