Dear Najmus, I have already


Dear Najmus,

I have already specified the gemstones above i can’t understand why you telling the same things again. You can avoid pukhraj if you don’t want to wear it on your index finger.. And for career emerald as i suggested above. You can’t wear career gem along with your health ( diabeties and hypertension) gemstones as they will give out negative results. So i would suggest to wear only emearald and nothing else.

As i had mentioned before you are having kala sarpa dosh. Which is the main reason for your problems from childhood. So you need to follow rahu and ketu remedial measures and also you are running with ketu maha dasha from jan 2010 till jan 2017 you started with loads of tensions and problems. As you see it continues till jan 2017.

At the same time you are having kantak shani from last 2 years and till november this year 2014. So would like to know are you comfortable to follow remedial measures which i prescribe in form of chanting / meditation few mantras which are very powerfull?

And can you be little specific what question you are looking about your wife? And what specific question you are looking as couple together as you had shared your marriage date, time and place?


Srinivasa Temkar