Dear Mr. Srinivasa


Dear Mr. Srinivasa Temkar

More than solution I am looking for answers of some questions like:

1) Feel alone in crowd. not able to make friends or afraid of making friends. 

2) Always find myself fail to communicate and too much of intro inspection. afraid to speak loud. Not stammering but yes my thoughts and speaking is not in sync and that reflect in speech when I am uncomfortable. 

My past had good contribution in building little timid personality but I realized it’s not exact the case is. I always feel that I am not who I am. I am just in my head but not linked to world, friends, relations.

Trying to get these answers through palmistry, astrology, yoga but totally lost. The worst part is I don’t know whom to make my guru probably because I don’t feel myself that worthy to be a good student or lack of trust in everyone. 

I was going through my kundali, learnt through books. and derived probably wrong theories like:

1) Saturn in 5th house sitting with mercury (in it’s own sign, virgo) makes good combination, but saturn looking at the 7th house(my Saturday is stressful with my spouse.. because I don’t want to go out and remain conservative, relaxed at home) house and 2nd house. 2nd house has rahu which might be forming shapityoga and carrying my bad deeds of past in present. is that why I am timid personality when comes to speech. I can’t stand someone’s strong voice, if some one show anger on me, I react but I stand shaking. 

This is what made it thought that if gomed is put on, things might change… it was my own thought. 

2) Venus in 4th house with Sun. Sun is in it’s own rashi and exalted but enemy of venus who is lord of first house. So venus goes weak and that’s why I don’t have good relation my mother. 

Actually it’s not bad either but I never had good communication with anyone so they think I an poor baby. And I being more complaining than responsible leave me in desperate situations. 

I feel as if I see myself and my efforts through other. 

I am not definitely a charming personality and people think I am introvert and reserved.

3) Mars and Jupiter in 6th house probably forming viparit raja yoga. But is my mars weeks that’s why I am less courageous? Low courage, with Rahu in 2nd house is the reason for I am not able to speak the way I want to… 

I might be totally wrong and I guess I am. 

Please please throw some light and guide me to right stone.