Dear Harmeet, Yes you are


Dear Harmeet,

Yes you are right you have Kala Sarpa Yog. You have done pooja / remedy for it. However its effects will be there, by doing the remedial measures you can reduce the magnitude of the effects only. For Rahu oriented remedies you can do chant the following mantras every day evening after 6.30 pm sitting on an wooden platform facing the relevant directions as below.

OM BHRAAM BHREEM BHROUM SHA RAHAVE NAMAHA!!! chant this for min of 4 times and max of 40 times facing North-West direction.

OM STRAAM STREEM STROUM SHA KETAVE NAMAHA!!! chant this for min of 7 times and max of 70 times facing South-West direction

Along with this you need to start feeding black dogs which will benefit you. And at present you can wear pearl as it will help you with your kala sarpa yog.


Srinivasa Temkar