Dear Harmeet, Please find my


Dear Harmeet,

Please find my answers for your above raised questions:-

1. The business realted to liquid what you are doing is perfectly matches as per your birth details. And even the south entrance is as well good to you. I hope you would have kept your business table / money swiping machine and all other transactions related to money in west portion of your buisness area plot. If yes you wont find any income in that direction and you need to relocate to north / east direction. There is really no use of placing ganesha idol near entrance, it is causing more tough time rathern than helping you. Instead you keep lord Shivji with his family in blessing posture in your main transaction room fixed to west wall facing East and you need to do pooja for that facing yourself to north direction.

2. Frankly speaking wearing blue sapphire nor emerald nothing will improve you on your business they are general well being stones, some unexperienced astrologer would have recommended you seeing the astrology software. For you business related improvement you need to wear pearl of 2 / 3 / 5 / 6 carat set in silver ring on your right hand index finger on an auspicious muhurtham with properly energised. 


Srinivasa Temkar