Dear Harmeet, Another reason


Dear Harmeet,

Another reason for your financial trouble is your business table is been placed in North-East side of your plot. I know few of the astrologers / vaastu pandits with out much knowledge they tell to place there. Frankly speaking as per vaastu it is the Face of the Vaastu purush and just imagine if any body close your face with some pillow what will happen you will find suphocation to breath and indeed you will die. In the same scenario the North-East direction of any plot should be kept very much empty with out any heavy objects on it. As its called as Deva mula it doesn’t mean you need to place your pooja mandir there its highley troublesome. So my advice is to place your table in a such a manner you will avoid the corner of North-East.

Rest of the things will advice you soon!!!


Srinivasa Temkar