Dear Avani jain, Welcome to


Dear Avani jain,

Welcome to the forum.

As per the birth details, you are born on monday, under Ardra constellation 1st quadrant, Gemini zodiac and Aeries Ascendant.

Referring you birth details, you are an positive attitude person, you would have been more  intelligent woman, however this hasn’t been possible because your mind started getting diverted towards unwanted things of life. you are an woman who step forward from the religious activity and came forward more based on new days thinking approach is concerned. You find losses more due to your more aspirations which wont be realted to practicality. And i can see you wont be happy  in your service life is concerned. And you will be spending more or unwanted expenses and find losses in your life. If you have married even married life wont be good enough. Your husband would be indulge in bad habits and troubling you by doubting. And even you wont be happy after going to your in-law place. If you are still not married, then you should be little carefull as you have mangal dosha along with that Rahu and ketu dosh more which trouble your married life.

Even you cant stay in one particular field you will be chaning your profession very frequently. As per your horoscope you will be suffering from diseases related to venus and saturn, like anemia, sexual oriented / reproductive system weakness and pertaining to that treatement, Skin diseases, veneral disease, diabetes.

As per vimshottari you are running with jupiter maha dasha from may 2005 and will be there with you till may 2021. which is not an favourable period. And from last year march you might be started with venus related problems like anemia, reproductive organs oriented disease and should get well by next year after november. And i can see for these treatements maximum of your income is draining and you ending up with credits and you finding tough arrange and return back those credits.

As per transit you are facing financial problems more from last year may 2013 and it will get well and you start finding some ray of hope in sorts of income after this mid of june 2014.

I wont think wearing yellow sapphire would be benificial to you as its retrograded and it can just help you for some time by reducing the losses pertaining to religious stuffs like how you are spending to astrology to get rid of the problem. But the major cause is Rahu, mars and ketu so you need to remedial measures for these planets. 


Srinivasa Temkar