Dear Ashwini, You can wear


Dear Ashwini,

You can wear blue sapphire even after sade sati as well. However you need to follow strict guidelines and lifestyle change required by blue sapphire. Like as below.

  1. You are not suppose to wear gemstone while having non-veg and during that time you need to keep it in sacred place above the ground level.
  2. Before your montly period days keep the blue sapphire in sacred place. And after 8th day of your period you can again wear it performing pooja an chanting the mantra for 8 times.
  3. While taking bath and your morning routine work you are not suppose to wear the gemstone.
  4. During intimate time with your partner you are not suppose to wear. And the next day morning after bath you can wear.

For you health issues which i can see all been triggered due to Rahu, ketu and mars. However I can see you are being manglik of around 70%. So just by wearing hessonite garnet (gomed) will not solve your problem. So what I would suggest is to do one pooja (Sarpasamkara) in Kukke Subramanya which is in coastal Karnataka. For this pooja you need to stay there for 3 days. Get this pooja done along with this do Ashlesha bali pooja as well. Every thing will starts neutralising later performing this pooja.

And blue sapphire you have to wear on gold ring / pancha loha (5 metal) ring only. Get your gemstones ready will tell you the muhurtham later.


Srinivasa Temkar