Dear Ashwini, I think if you


Dear Ashwini,

I think if you see my previous posts there has been some miscommunication regarding blue sapphire. As It won’t help you much greatly for your health issues. And for sade sati there is no use of wearing blue sapphire, it doesn’t reduce the effects instead it tests you more. Instead you can go for combination of pearl and ruby for your health issue which can given mental ability and physical ability to resist the ill effects being caused. And with it you will even come out of bad dreams as well.

I read you were wearing yellow sapphire actually it should have been helped you in terms of work, I doubt whether its real / fake or of not good quality and weared on good muhurtham / been energised properly. So I would suggest to chant few mantras and visit every Thursday any Guruji temple like Sai Baba, Dattatreya etc. with dressed in yellow color. And offer min. of 3 Parikrama with chanting OM GRAAM GREEM GROUM SHA GURUVE NAMAHA!!! And try to read Dattatreya Saptha. Time is not so favourable for you at the moment so it would be best if you could perform Narayana Nagabali pooja as soon as possible dear.


Srinivasa Temkar