Dear Ashwini, As i have


Dear Ashwini,

As i have mentioned above you are running with Sade sati and due to which you are not finding the right job and this is not because of Rahu. and you wear gomed you wont get any changes / miracles in your life. I dont know which astrologer as prescribed you this. And as planetory transit the rahu position reposition from your libra and move towards virgo which would be house of loss. After mid of july this year. During which time you will have some loans / credits and few loss. However coming back to your present time you need to follow the remedial measure pertaining to sade sati / for Saturn (Shani) if you have not followed till now, then it will be still more difficult for your for next 3 years. So start of the Shani remedial measures.


Srinivasa Temkar