Dea Sanjay, Welcome to the


Dea Sanjay,

Welcome to the forum.

As per your birth details you have born on thursday under P.bhadarapda constellation acquarious zodiac and capricon Ascendant.

1. wearing 2 rings is not recommended for astro purpose. And even the carats above mentioned as well not recommended.

2. You should do pooja whole heartedly and by devoting yourself. It doesn’t matter what you had and from whom you had.

3. You are of doubting kind of person who don’t even trust yourself own. At the same time having high religious thinking and as rahu is aspected you can see wrong version of religious beliefs. And its been proven from your 2nd question.

4. From last this year january 2014 your financial position was disturbed however due to your planetory positions till 19th of june 2014 you were managing some how. However from this 19th of june 2014 till next year may 2015 you should be little alert regarding financial issues, credits, loans and others. And even service life will wont be good. So be cautious.


Srinivasa Temkar