Dea Najmus, I would advice


Dea Najmus,

I would advice you to dont make yourself as an experimental instrument for your gemstone experiment. It will some times harm you in such a situation where you can’t do any more experiments on yourself. So it would always better to contact learned astrologer who doesn’t demand you more and has good knowledge and most of the time more knowledgable people dont give more importance for money and give importance to people. and on the other hand less knowledge people dont want to loose your money and look for as much as possible they could drag from you, because they know their knowledge is very limited for limited time.

My basic question towards you is why you want to wear so many gemstones? And as before only mentioned amethyst and bloodstone are not suppose to wear together. And wearing ruby which is not at all related to your blood pressure control and wearing it in wrong fingers both yellow sapphire and ruby. And for your information you are not suppose to change the gemstone rings as you mentioned. And more over you are not suppose to wear cats eye and gomed together as they are both enemies. So only they wont at all stay together and stay apart in opposite houses.

I think you would have referred some road side local books and started experimenting on yourself….i really petty your future.


Srinivasa Temkar