Before marriage I had good


Before marriage I had good financial position as my parents were well settled. Just was having delay in work & health issues.

For job purpose I had worn Yellow sapphire, but I got married in next month after wearing this gemstone; it did reflected good results in my marriage but not in job. But after marriage I am getting more financial problems as my husband was unemployed for 1 & 1/2 years. Due to this we had taken loan, still we are not being able to pay it. Now he has got a job but not having good salary and currently we are staying on rented apartment. It is mainly finance issue, so right now I am not able to do this pooja, if possible I will do it as soon as possible. So in the meantime, can I do any remedies in my home / temple.

Before marriage I had worn pearl & yellow sapphire, that time I was having only job problem, but never had financial problem. But after marriage I am getting more of financial and health issues. So I didn’t ask an astrologer before removing both the gemstones (pearl and yellow sapphire).

After that my parents bought me a ruby but I didn’t wear it. Right now, I have these three gem (Pearl in Silver, Ruby in Silver & Yellow Sapphire in Gold). Can i wear these? If yes tell me auspicious time/date.

My husband birth details are as below:

  • Name: Ganesh Bhandare
  • DOB: 30/08/1986
  • TOB: 10.05 P.M.
  • POB: Akluj (Dist.: Solapur), Maharashtra, India

After marriage I have financial / health / husband job issue, we both are quarreling often so I removed all the gemstones.

You are saying that I am around 70% manglik. I am scared. What is manglik exactly? Is there something wrong with me or my husband, please explain. I have also provided my husband’s birth details above.

Frankly, I don’t know why I am very much attacted to wear hessonite garnet (gomed). One more thing, I have heard that to reduce health / financial issues and to get rapid success in quick time I can wear Hessonite Garnet (Gomed) as my lucky number is Four as my birth date is 31/08/1984.