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As per your birth details provided above, you are born on friday under Swati constellation 3 quadrant under Libra zodiac and Ascendant.

As per the birth details provided by you, You look like a positive attitude person, however majority of the time you wont like to be positive, which doesn’t mean you are negative, but you dont want to be positive as you are utterly lazy person, and lazy mindset person. You will be more sharp and harsh with your words and speach. And even this wont come at the important time when requried instead you do these things after the event, in other words some times you will be back biter. And i can see you are very intelligent in bargaining stuffs indirectly it shows you are good at business and management things. I can also see you suffering from skin allergies, intenstinal disorders, mental disorders, ulcers and also anemia, irregular periods all these. I can see its very tough for you to find any job and after you find any job you are not suppose to leave the job as others do. At the same time you are very poor in giving back the credit very easily. So be-aware before taking any loan or credit.

As per your vimshottari you are running under shani maha dasha from may 2006 till may 2025. I can see you are facing lots of financial problems, loans / credits and loss dont know how the money will vanish, never stays back in your pocket at the same time skin related problems as well troubling you from last march 2013 and this kind a problems will prevail till may 2016. And related to your job as well you started finding more tough during this period only. However i can see you have some better chances of getting the job after mid of october this year 2014 and with in  mid of march next year 2015. And as per your horoscope you will be in service industry in the field of beauty industry, architechtural, parlour etc industry, interior designer etc.

As per planetory transition you are running with sade sati from last 4 years and during this time you have found all sorts of problems whether it is financial, social, family and personal all sorts of problems. and this will there for another 3 years. However the sade sati, testing period will finishes its testing time after this november 2014. Later it will be the result period. So for another 1 to 1.5 years you should be little carefull doing some good deeds such that during result time you get some good results during that time. And from last 25th december 2012 and later you started getting more tensions regarding financial inability and your health problems all sorts of tension getting worsen day by day. And this should get well after mid of july this year 2014.

I would suggest you to wear yellow sapphire of 3 carat to your left hand index finger in gold metal on auspicious muhurtham. Along with this you need to do Sade sati remedies as well.


Srinivasa Temkar