Ashwini, This is the problem



This is the problem you need to get rid of one at a time and you can’t have all the things at once. Before in the posts you had asked me the remedial measures for your health and i had suggested pearl with ruby and blue sapphire, then again you asked for your carreer wise which i had recommended for yellow sapphire and later you shared your husband’s and marriage details to know the remedial measures for your married life for which i had adviced for your red coral and for him diamond.

Now you are asking me check once again? Thats the problem of human beings they will be in rush to get rid of their problems all of sudden, which is highly impossible, So i would recommend now for you to wear only pearl, ruby and coral to your left hand index, little and ring finger respectively by excluding neelam. And do the shani remedies as given above instead of wearing neelam. pearl should be worn in silver and ruby and coral in gold ring.


Srinivasa Temkar