Ashwini, As per the marriage



As per the marriage details provided by you, what i could see is you both as a couple will be fighting and jouvial / happyily leaving every alternative days / even 15 days you will be changing the pattern. In other words too much ups and downs in very much lesser period through out you life you have to face. And as per the muhurtham timings your husband should had faced some financial and law oriented troubles after marriage date and with in feb of 2012. After that more of financial troubles have started and from last year october to last month 20th its was quite better Ok Ok kind of environment was developed however again frequent quarrels amount you both due to saddist behavious and using abusing wordings amongst yourself. This kind of situation will prevail till this october 2014.

Referring your both horoscope details, both are equally manglik. The reason behind the quarrels if i could see from your natal charts, the first person helds responsible forthis would be your husband’s due to his short temperemental nature and the climax part of it destroying wih the most abusing words would be you, and most of the time your husbands take the side of his parents, and you defending for it. And as per the horoscopes of you, you will be harfull for your husbands in terms of financial and stability to the family and he will be harfull to you interms of health issues and this is due to the affliction of ketu in both of your horoscopes. And ketu wont leave even a single option to see that you both fight and get separated however due to prescence of jupiter is the one which is avoiding you both from seperation.

As a remedy i would like to suggest to visit trayambakeshwar and perform nagabali pooja which could help you both in all aspects.


Srinivasa Temkar