As suggested by you I would


As suggested by you I would definitely do Narayan Nagbali pooja in near future. However, my parents have already done Kalsarpa Shanti pooja in my childhood.

In last week I had an interview and I was selected and got an offer letter with 5 lakh of package along with date of joining i.e. 8 April 2014. I had joined on same day & done documentation and joining process but at the end of the day they told that they had mis-matched in requirement and rejected me. It was very insulting & frustating for me. I was very happy after getting the job but this things happens often with me. This same thing had happened  4 to 5 time before as well. I want stability in my job & career also in finance / property.

It is like; I am getting meal but I can not eat & enjoy. It is happening in my life from my childhood, now I am in sadesati but it has started recently. Is there any clue how did I got such negative experience before sadesati also?

I am doing Shiv Pooja by offering belpatra with chanting SHIV mantra (OM Namah Shivaya).

Any strong solution or remedies to avoid such things, so whatever I get that will stay with me.

Please advice!