5 Reasons to Wear Evil Eye Jewelry

Beware of the Evil Eye! We have all heard this warning before. Including its familiar and famous symbol, but what is the Evil Eye exactly?

History of the Evil Eye

The concept of the evil eye dates as far back as the times of the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Its symbolism is found in nearly every culture around the globe, from America, Egypt, to Japan. All with their set version of the “evil eye“.

The evil eye is said to be an envious look or stare directed at someone of dislike stated to bring misfortune to the one it is directed at.

In Islamic culture, the evil eye is said to be brought on by too much acclaim. So, instead of praising someone, you’d say God has brought you much good fortune.

The Ashkenazi Jews also thought praise would lead to you being susceptible to the evil eye and have a saying “Keyn Aynhoreh” meaning “no evil eye” to ward it off.

The Symbol

Of course, the notorious symbol of the evil eye was used as protection from the negative energy, nasty glares or stares that could bring bad luck to another person.

From Egypt, these evil eye talismans spread throughout the rest of the world. A magical talisman, the evil eye was incorporated into jewelry, pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets, broaches.

5 Reasons to Wear Evil Eye Jewelry

Aside from their beauty, let us tap into the magic and mysticism of wearing evil eye jewelry.

1. They Come in Many Colors

Get the protection you want and match it with your wardrobe. Evil eye jewelry comes in various colors, each having its own protective and spiritual meaning.

  • Dark Blue – The color most think of when they think of evil eye jewelry. It protects against bad Karma and fate.
  • Orange – Provides protection as well as helps with creativeness, happiness, motivation.
  • Pink – Helps calm your feelings, relaxation, friendship.
  • Light Blue – Protection, peace of mind help broaden your way of thinking.
  • Light Green – Said to help bring success, help in achieving goals, health, and enjoyment.
  • White – Purity, creating fresh starts, removal of obstacles.
  • Yellow Gold – Brings forth health, boosts energy, focus.
  • Purple – Believed to help find balance in your life and clear out obstacles.
  • Red – Aids in battling anxiety and fear. The red evil eye induces courage and energy.
  • Brown – Order and connection to the earth thus protect you from certain elements.
  • Dark Green – Energizes you to go after your life goals.
  • Grey – Benefits for those who are grieving or depressed. While helping open up new opportunities.

2. Protect you from Negative Energy

No matter what the color, an evil eye necklace, ring or bracelet will always protect you from any bad energy that may try to rub off on you.

3. They Bring Good Luck

Not only does evil eye jewelry protect you from outside negative karma, but it also invites in the good. Whether it’s good health, good fortune, happiness – it all depends on the color.

4. Protection from Misfortune

According to folklore, the evil eye keeps you safe from unforeseen accidents and other mishaps that may befall your way.

5. Promotes Positivity in You

Wearing an evil eye necklace or other forms of jewelry can also help promote positivity in you. Aesthetically and spiritually.


Even if you are not all into its spirituality, evil eye jewelry has become a fashion thing, with celebrities seen sporting such gorgeous evil eye jewelry (and let’s face it, they need it).

Often paired with the Hamsa hand or in Jewish culture, the Hand of Miriam, these two symbols create the ultimate protection. Along with being crafted in elegant designs, thus giving you all the more reason to wear evil eye jewelry.

Most Popular Jewelry Trends

Jewelry has been part of our adornment for thousands of years, but that doesn’t mean that your grandmother wore the same jewelry you wear today. Just like fashion, jewelry is constantly evolving, and we need to keep up with those changes. 

The newest trends we see emerging in 2019 are more about comfort. They are sporting a more casual look. While there is still a place for fine jewelry, since more and more people are working and spending their time at home or at the local gym rather than heading off to an office every day it pays to know what to expect when you’re shopping for the next jewelry trends.


Hoops have been around for many generations, but they have also evolved over the years. This year, you are less likely to see the finer more delicate hoops but instead find bulkier and bolder shapes and styles that will stand out and get attention. These traditional earrings are taking on a whole new look that can’t be missed.

Statement Earrings

Earrings are becoming more intricate. You will see some that look like tiny hanging chandeliers, bursts of flowers, detailed collection of stars and more. While the styles may be more simplistic the detail and embellishments are definitely going to get noticed. That aside, the long-standing traditional diamond studded earrings are still a favorite if you want to maintain a more classic and elegant look.


Chains are also getting bolder these days. They are no longer just a simple chain of golden links, but you can expect them to find more delicate pieces in different shapes and sizes blended in an array of intricate designs. Look for herringbone patterns, bigger links, and thicker sizes. The once simple choker chain is no longer a major bold fashion statement but has given way to brighter colors and grand designs.


Pearls have always gone with everything. They are the perfect accent for jackets, purses, and even shoes. But don’t look for a simple strand of delicate pearls today. You’ll find them mixed with a variety of other precious gemstones, or even within an encasement of fine gold. And the standard string of white pearls is now being replaced by a variety of pearls in different colors and shapes.


Once upon a time, coins were used for money but now they are a real fashion trend. You’ll find coins turned into all types of jewelry including necklaces, earrings, and even lucky charms for the wrists and ankles. Some have even been engraved with gold to really draw the attention of onlookers.


Since more and more people are choosing to wear brighter and more vibrant colors this year, it stands to reason that the jewelry will follow the same trend. Today you’ll find some amazingly colorful pieces that once held a more understated position in the jewelry box. Bright and colorful enamel jewelry allows you to add bursts of color into your wardrobe and look thoroughly modern while doing it.

Body Piercing

Yes, even getting your ears, nose, tongue, or anything else pierced is seeing an evolution too. In 2019, there is no longer a need to head off to the mall to get those piercings done. With new body piercing jewelry it has certainly become a DIY world. These ultra-cool but still edgy pieces of jewelry can be found in a variety of styles that can be tailored to suit your personal vibe.


You can also expect to see the heavens come down to earth with a vast array of celestial jewelry. You’ll find stars everywhere from adorning the bulkier hoop earrings to beautiful and delicate rings. Keep your eye out for these stars as they will be everywhere ready to make their own statement in 2019.

In 2019, jewelry is making a major step forward. The new trends call for bolder designs, brighter colors, and detailed embellishments that are going to get you noticed when you step out and showcase this year new art.