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@Zaighum J,

Thanks to hear from you,

One important information for you, like wearing the gemstone based on zodiac well its ok, however you cant expect it 100% effective, On this note if you could give me your birth details (if having) will be really helpfull in figuring it out a good gem for you.

At present am considering you don’t have an birth details with you, so based on prashna shastra on the time you have raised the question am here answering you few details.

As i can from last year may in your family there is some health issues going on somebody / you having increased the diabetes or any jupiter related ailments which is been trouble some time for you. Apart from this i an even see more work life and personal life tensions unwanted occuring from last december 25th 2012 onwards. You are been defeated more by your hidden enemies at your workplace especially. And due to mercury and sun transition during last december where you got an chance to come out of the shadow created by serpent planet, which made you to raise your voice against all these.

What i can advice you is wear Red Coral (cabochon type) to your right hand ring finger, which is not expensive as well. for your overall upliftment in general. After you purchase please approach back to know appropriate auspicious muhurtham based on your goodwill.

Apart from this you will comeout of this tensions by this year mid of july. And after this your tensions would be slightly reduced not fully reason being the sadesati will be on its charging time by then. So from now onwards you should also start performing remedial measures to overcome sade sati effects. For more details on this approch me back.


Srinivasa Temkar