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Your Rahu is present in Leo that makes it not so good. Your abdomen problems are not because of rahu rather because of Saturn present in this house. YOur 6th House is very interesting. In your 6th house which is house of diseases, enemies, Mental troules and struggles, physical weakness etc.. some analysis of your Kundali.

1) Lord of 2nd House exchanged with 6th (mars and sun). 

2) Sun in aries makes it exalted. Mercury in 2nd house within 10 degree of sun forms budh aditya yoga. Money and fame, you might experience between age of 33-36.  

3) Jupiter and Mars in conjunction in 6th house in Leo. That put warrior and guru together. benefit of this combination would be much realized after age of 33. I don’t think you are an aggressive person but after 33 you would be able to make better strategies to win over situations. 

4) Moon is beneficial and makes you emotionally strong. It’s having 5th aspect of Jupiter that gives you excellent judging capability. 

5) You could have been deprived of love from mother or her support. Received emotional support from mother. 

6) Rahu is with Jupiter in close degree then it’s not so bad, but you might feel confined to win over situations in more ethical way but in actually you have feeling to win over unethically. In short, you could be a honest person who feel looser due to honesty. 

7) Since rahu and Saturn are in Leo (not a friend’s rashi) they are uncomfortable and makes you less emotional and win over things by hook or crook. But what might be happening with you is that, you want to win over things in more unethical way but some where feel restricted. 

8) Saturn and Rahu together makes a combination where all your mental and physical energy just go somewhere…. you are always mentaily tired. Whatever good you do just does not work. 

Things are would recommend: 

  1. Put on yellow sapphire.
  2. Avoid Gomed, it would make you more free to be ruthless and get things by any mean. Though it might satisfy you temporarily  but unethical ways never leads to long lasting happiness. Avoid gomed, there could be some hidden harm in long term.
  3. There are bad deed of the past (your’s or your ancestors) carried in this life. Fire element has the Power to free you from string attached to past life.
  4. Put on a 3 mukhi rudraksha (lord mars) and chant  “Om Kleem Namah, om Namah Shivay” daily 108 times. Put on this on Monday/Tuesday/Sunday shukla paksha
  5. Instead of emrald, would suggest pearl. You could make your moon even stronger as it has aspect of Jupiter. But put on pearl together with yellow sapphire. 

Note: It’s not rahu that’s causing problem. You might develop some problem in upper abdomen. Though your digestion etc are weak but there might not be any problem in lower abdomen. 

upper stomach part could develop some problem. Have your food habits strictly checked, you are not so blessed to enjoy any sort of food. You have to strict food check. 

Also I would advise that you have heart check-up done once.