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Your have capabilities to explore deeper understanding of personal and emotional aspect. Understand other’s psychology. I am sure your job is very interesting. 

You should be able to get into astrology field and also help people using spiritual practices. Infact your action/job should be inclined toward helping people to get free and experience liberation using strange spiritual practices. 

You have clear mind probably with little obsession about self, little aggression which should calm by the time you turn 32-33. Could develop Thyroid problem. 

Emerald (panna) is what even I would recommend. But would not suggest Blue sapphire. This might bring better concentration, intelligence, improvement in job but could affect your food and drink (if you do). 

Drink lots of water if are not doing so. 

Would not suggest diamond (~ 2-3 ratti) either it you are not into meditation practices. It might strengthen your desires of separate for unknown, hampering your job. Until you are into the field of selfless job like NGO/helping other etc.