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While putting on stones, first and most important thing to keep in mind is that, it should not affect your health…. and then only see other benefits. Sometime, a stone could help you in work, money.. but could impact your health and relations with people.

I believe you are from muzaffarabad pakistan, and based on your kundali… following would be my observations. I must write in detail so that other readers (astrologers) could also view it, and happen to correct if I miss something. 

You are Libra ascendant with moon present in lagna.

1) Received good education and teachers. Stable, emotionally balanced, mother side relatives might have helped a lot in education and other aspect of life (good role). Your close relatives might be secretive clever, and politically strong.. might be having political background as well. Having good relations (which I see) would favor you.

2) I saw that you are in some “research and development”, if your work is field of medicine/chemical/elements related to watery form would be good for you. 


Let’s talk about the emerald and Ruby:

1) Emerald is for mercury; it’s lord of 9th and 12th house. More marak than karak as its mool trikona sign falling in 12th house. Mercury is present in 2nd house with Rahu in scorpio.. not a very positive combination and in 2nd house it become marak aspecting ketu in 8th house…  You might be very conservative in spending money….. Rather, we shall spend for causes and rather not turn greedy about saving (whatever, money, energy, relations etc….)

Emerald is not recommended.


2) Ruby is for Sun. Sun is lord of 11th house and present in 3rd house. It’s hammed as well…. What it indicates is that, if you start something with your closest friends or brother’s might bring you enmity.

I would rather say, let the sun be as it is and not make it stronger… If you are in good relations with your siblings it’s because of lower egos and individualism. So let it be.


On the other hand, blue sapphire and cat eye could be better for you. Anyway your best of the time has started and next 7 years would be awesome for you… where gains would be much higher than losses.

Blue sapphire and cat eye.

Saturn, is karak planet and present in its own sign in 4th with Venus. Saturn aspects 6th house, 7th house and lagna.

>     Jupiter aspecting 6th house and its own rashi. So it’s nullifies bad of 3rd aspect of Saturn if there is any.

>     7th aspect of Saturn is on mars… though, mars is present in cancer and got debilitated. However, saturn being present in the exaltation sign of mars and its own rashi makes neech bhanga yoga and rather 7th aspect become great.

>     10th aspect on lagan where moon is present. Since Saturn is yoga karaka and atma karaka present with the lord of lagna (venus), and 10th aspect is on exaltation  sigh on Saturn. It’s good since moon is present in fixed sign… and would bring you more mental peace.


Your Saturn maha dasha also started and Saturn in yog karaka… you shall put on blue sapphire.

You shall also try (test before put on) cat eye … since Ketu is present in 8th house in Taurus and it’s lord is present in 4th house with karak of 8th house in its own sign… it’s good. Ketu in Taurus which is earthly sign give strength to Ketu and it’s rather good.


Ruby and emrald no no… based on my study.