What you have said is true. I

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Rakesh Kulkarni

What you have said is true. I have been doing business here and there and can never work under someone. I always have two ore more ways for going about a work which confuses me.

My other astrologer said that after Rahu maha dasa I will have “VERY STRONG” financial position. But till date nothing has went good, just the same, hard to get bread and butter at the moment.

Does my horoscope shows that I will have a strong financial position and happiness in near future; I mean the “golden period” as the term used by the other astrologer. And, what business suit me? The other astrologer told me to do business related to any “white” things; like diamonds/jewelry. However, I do little of it but never tried to put both legs/hands on it.

Thank you for helping out and for your valuable suggestions.