Welcome Rakesh


Welcome Rakesh Kulkarni,

First of all Congrats and happy married life and long life both of you.

Asper the birth details provided by you, you ar e born on monday, in rohini constellation 4th quadrant Taurus zodiac and Pisces Ascendant.

As per your horoscope you being dual minded personality, every time ending up with two options / confusions for any work. I can see you being very active person and some times tend to be more moody and other think you being an lazy person. For you business is being an income for you to earn bread and butter and you find tough in finding any job. And you dont like to work under some body, as you are an egoistic person, and little arrogant in nature. If you get angry you speak with very harsh words.

As per vimshottari you had rahu maha dasha from 1994 till 2012 during this period you had find more trouble in your life. And presently running with Jupiter maha dasha from last feb 2012 till feb 2028. And this dash is not so favourable to you and i can see from last feb 2012 you are running with financial problems / losses. and this will be there till mid of next month this year 2014. after this there is slight improvement compared to present situation.

As per planet transition you are running with tension full enviroment from last december 2012 after christmas. And this troublesome situation will be there till mid of july this year 2014.

I would advice you to wear Gomed (garnet hassonite) in middle right hand finger for upliftment of financial situation and remove the pearl what you are wearing. If you want to wear pearl, then you need to follow rahu remedial measures.


Srinivasa Temkar