Vishal Gandhi, Welcome to the


Vishal Gandhi,

Welcome to the forum.

As per your birth details you have born on monday under Uttara Phalguni nakshatra, Virgo Zodiac and Aeries Ascendant.

As per your birth details you are having Sarpa Dosha and Pitru Dosha from your previous incarnation. And this is one main reason for your problems. And as per vimshottari you are running with Rahu mahadasha from October 1997 till october 2015. So this entire period was really a trouble some to you. Along with this you are running with sade sathi shani which is going to be over by this november 2014, however i wont see sade sati shani is much effected you. And the real estate  work what you have started is definately will be your bread and butter and the pharmacy is not suited to you. And partially you should feel better in financial income slightly by next month after 25th and overall can be expected after october next year.

I Would not suggest cat’s eye or Kaka neli (not recommended for astro purpose) just perform narayana naga bali pooja in trayambakeshwar or perform sarpa samskara in Kukke Subramanya.


Srinivasa TEmkar