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To be frank, I’m little confused on what remedies to follow. You have prescribed kukke subramany as you belong to Bangalore, the other astrologer was from Kerala and he asked me to visit mannarasala, non of these are irrelevant, but at what point should I stop?

karma is always from previous birth and that’s not in our hand, killing snakes in previous birth might be a precaution and denieing progeny because of that is unreasonable !! I  don’t live in India to do all these remedies in a weekend or during my annual holiday!  

Finally I’m not convinced how tieing a knot again will change everything. I can accept that you see auspicious time to start a new relation and tie a knot for the first time but I don’t wear mangal sutra on a daily basis, we are already in a relation and really can’t make any rational explanation!!