This person will go for love

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This person will go for love marriage more against their parents wish and after marriage life will be not up to march every time quarrel and leaving appart may lack happiness after the married life and this is the faith can’t be changed only the magnitude can be reduce by following some remedial measures through out life.

1. let this person starting absorbing sankastaraha chaturhti every month keep fasting and evening offer pooja in any temple for lord ganesha and that entire day to do fasting.

2. On any tueday which coincide with chaturthi tithi not to have non-veg.

3. Get Kala sarpa dosh nivarana pooja get it done. 

Try to follow mars, rahu, ketu and saturn remedies may i know this person is female / male and where residing?  chances for marriage are after october next year.


Srinivasa Temkar