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Thanks Guruji.

Guruji my Mama expired on 7/03/1983.Currently her legs pain has gone very high. Daily she has to take painkillers. We will show her to Dr in a day or two.

I have noticed one thing she is a fighter and have a doubting nature you are correct. But she gets angry quickly. Guruji on 21st if you see that day when sunrise took place. You can be sure that she is of saggitarius or scorpoi asc. She is having long hairs and not dark nor white complexion. She is very intellegent and is BSc, B.ED (Zoology).

If she is of sagitarious asc?? She is wearing Topaz Yellow since 2 months in her right finger index. In my 4th house Jupiter is placed.May be her asc is saggitarius.


Anirban Banerjee.