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Shawnna Pracejus

Thanks Deep_Blue.

Since my last post, I’ve slugged my way through the entire Gem identification coarse.  I finally qualified to take the final exam which is a 20 stone I.D.  

On the first 4 attempts, I got all the I.D.s correct but made one wrong variety call.  As you know, a passing score is 100%.

On the 5th attempt, I wrongly identified a YAG as a CZ.   (It was not your typical YAG). 

It is really difficult taking these exams at home without all the proper lab equipment assembled. 

I can’t afford to just fly off to California and take the exam in the student workroom.

Before I’m allowed to try the final again, I must first study 100+ stones at home and score 100% on every worksheet.  I’m fine with doing that, except I’m leaving for 6 months overseas with my husband on accout of his job. There are no GIA workrooms where we are going.  I’m worried that I’ll lose my momentum and be very rusty when I return home. 

I’m completely humiliated.  I feel that my friends and family think I’m an imbecile for not being able to pass a simple test.  My husband is annoyed that I’m spending so much of his money on this “personal enrichment” coarse.   The FedEx shipping fees alone have been astronomical.  

I’m aware of the CGA.  I think the reason I chose GIA instead was because of a personal recommendation by a G.G. and because I did not want to write the term paper requirement. I struggle with ADD and dyslexia.  I also tend to yammer on….sorry.  I just feel so defeated.     I also just found out my best friend has 2 months to live.  Could it be worse? Yes.  My husband and I must first fly to his dying father’s bedside before we leave the continent.   Who else is having a lousy Christmas?