Thank you very much


Thank you very much Mr Srinivasa for your analysis and helpful advice.

I understood that under this situation a Bluesapphire(neelam) will be benefecial for me and not any other stone(i.e pitambari neelam). But I heard neelam is a dangerous stone. There is a saying Neelam can make u either a king or a beggar!!! I am worried to wear this. Once I wear it how can I know whether the particular neelam is good for me or not?

I would like to know whether I need to wear Emerald (panna) as well with Blue Saphire ? Please suggest..

A few astrologer told me that I am ‘mangalik’ , whereas few told that I am ‘not mangalika’. I am very much confused, not sure who is correct. Can you please let me know whats the fact?