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Rakesh Kulkarni

Thank you Srinivasa ji for helping people like us who are in trouble and need some peace of mind. Thank you again and respect for your for doing sewa in your spare time. The paid astrologer only says “good things” which though makes us happy for a while but not in practical life. Free advice – the more appropriate word would be “sewa” done by you for all of us here in forum is immense and I appreciate and respect you for that.

I have an immense desire and I feel happy in doing diamond jewelry work (business). Just for your knowledge, diamond are generally (always) set in gold (99% of the time in India). So, is it possible to open a joint business account (partnership) in my and my wife’s name because as suggested by you I can do diamond business and my wife can do gold business. Will it be good? Also, is there possibility of export business of diamond-gold jewelry and gemstone-silver jewelry; because since child I always had an inner desire to do export (really don’t know why I had that in my heart from child)?

I recently had talk with my parents and they told me that my birth time was between 5:25 A.M. to 5:35 A.M. I hope that doesn’t change anything at all in my predictions. I was told as 5:30 A.M. from the beginning as my birth time, I think they did it in round figure as sade panch.

Thank you again (I think I thanked you too many times here, but you really deserve that) for your help!

May God Showers His Best Blessings On You!