@T Venkatesh rao, As per the


@T Venkatesh rao,

As per the birth details provided by you, you are born on friday, under chitra constellation 4th quadrant libra zodiac and ascendant.

as per your birth details i can see you being an postive attitude person and an extrovert, egoistic person. Believe in only you rather than others words. I can also see in your young age you were been favourate of the opposite sex. You are short tempered and very straight forward in your words. And you are multi hobbied person. However regarding numbers concerned you are not good in it.

As per vimshottari you are running with shani maha dasha from feb 1998 till feb 2017. And right now you are running with rahu antar dasha from sep 2011 till this july 2014. Shani dasha was quite good only to you and during rahu antar dahsa you started finding some tensions in your life. 

As per transit you are running with sade sati which is going to stay for another 3 years. However you should fee little bit ok after this year noveber onwards. from where you will be started with result period of sade sati. Even after 25th december 2012 you started undergoing huge tensions, money, family, kids related problems coming in to your life.

And coming to your question i would suggest like you to wear blue sapphire not now atleast after 2years where your result period would have been started and if you wear that time, you will get more benifited. and One more thing i want to say, you are having sarpa dosha, which has been triggerd in this incarnation itself, yourself or your family side they have killed / seen killing the snake. So for which you need to perform sarpa samskara to get rid of this dosha. And i would advice not to wear gomed as well.

Can i know for what problems you want to go for gemtherapy?


Srinivasa Temkar