@Sudesha Acharya, As per your


@Sudesha Acharya,

As per your birth details you have born on Monday, under hasta constellation 4th quadrant virgo Zodiac, and Taurus Ascendant.

Looking at your horoscope you being an negative attitude person, Egoistic, stubborn in nature. You dont like to work under somebody. And what are the things you have metioned above regarding your laziness towards work / service is very true. And there are more hidden enemies as well in your work life

As per your vimshottari from last august 2011 and till february 2014 you are having problem with your service life is concerned. From last month after 12th, you have been enlightned to know the problems behind your unwantedness in work life is concerned. And till may 2016 from now onwards you will show some amount of interest in your work life is concerned.

As per planetory transit, you had sadesati from last 7 years. which was more trouble some to you. Majorly damaging your income and work life. This should get well after this year november 2014.

Regarding gemstone for your worklife improvement, you can wear only bluesapphire / neelam, not pitambari neelam. And you need to follow along with this saturn remedial measure to get more effect soon.


Srinivasa Temkar