@Srinivasaji, thanks for


@Srinivasaji, thanks for replying to me.

Well actually there is an Angaraka dosha if I am not misteken Mars Ketu together. Wherever Ketu sits it behaves like that planet, So Ketu will acts as Mars and Mars is a Natural Malefic for Virgo Asc, lord of 3rd and 8h house. I do often get angry easily. So is it right to wear a cats eye? I am wearing an Emerald in little right finger from 3 years and Opal in index finger.

Guruji I am not married yet and there is some or the other obstacles coming my way as last moment cancellation and parents are not taking efforts to fulfil it. Please see my Navamsa chart and also suggest me about some remedies for debiliated Venus (In Navamsa and in Rashi chart). When will my marriage will take place? Whether it will be a successful marriage or are there chances of breakup?

What is Sarpa Samskar? How it is done ?

Waiting for your valuable suggestion.