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Thank you sir for your reply. Now I have some more questions.

I got a gomed of almost 6 – 6.5 rati good quality from one of my auty and I wore it will it become overdose for me and recently I came to know that my rahu is placed in 9th house of my horoscope which is the house of father, forefather and ascestors (I may be wrong). Will it affects my father’s health? And also I came to know that rahu is also placed in 12th house by sunshine (I read on the prediction of Lal Kitab) and also I read that one cannot wear gomed when it is placed on 6th, 8th and 12th house. So what will happen if I wear gomed (You told me to wear previously). And also one thing I didn’t say you previously that when I was young I mean when I was in class 12 started from then for many years I was addicted with some abusive dopes (i.e. alchohol, some drugs) but now I totally I mean almost stopped every thing except some alchohol which I use to take occasionally. By wearing gomed will it enhance the tendency of taking dopes again or it’ll totally ruin my habbit? Actually I want to quit everything.

One acquainted person suggested me to wear Lapis Lazuli stone of 8 rati. He told me it will work for saturn and ketu both. Can I wear it or it’ll harm me?

Thank & Regards,

Sudipto Chakraborty