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Many many thanks for your reply and my Zodiac and Ascendant are exactly correct. I always try to keep my job but circumstances and situations are comes in such a way that forcefully I have to leave the job or been kicked out from the company. Sir please tell me one thing that exactly how long my phase will be like this or how long I’ve to be like this? Shall I get any decent and good job in my life? Now I am not working any where I am learning a course on web developing shall I get a good job in it or it will be like same thing as previously. One more thing I got a yellow sapphire and I wear it on my armlet, is it good for me, will it works for me? My ruby is of 4 ratti and red coral is of 10 ratti and my new yellow sapphire is of 8-10 ratti (I don’t know exactly).

Also, how long my rahu period will go and what is the remedy of Rahu? Is there any mantra or shall I wear Gomed (Hessonite Garnet) and how much rati/carat?

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