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Again many many thanks for your advice and consultancy. Yes I know I’m very much lazy from the begining of my life and I tried and still trying to overcome it but I couldn’t. I thing it’s on my luck!! Yes ofcourse I’ll chant shani mantra, and I got one gomed of 6-8(exactly I don’t know big stone) rati but sir can I wear rahu remedy (gomed) along with yellow sapphire and ruby?

Also sir I have one Amethyst of 12 rati. Previously I used to wear it on my armlet but I thought on that time I don’t need shani remedy and I opened it as it wasn’t suit on me. Can I wear it now or it’ll will not harm me?

And also one thing it’s very irrelevant and bad question I know it but still, pardon me sir I need to ask it. Can I get married in this life? And if I get one day I mean if it’s on my luck how will be my marriage life?

Thanks again Sir for your advice and guidance. I’ll be waiting for your further reply.


Sudipto Chakraborty.