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May I know for what specific problems you are wearing all these semi-precious gemstones for? If you can give your birth details then we can suggest you the right gemstone for you.

Coming to your question; let me know whether you are wearing these gemstones for astrological purpose or just for ornamental purpose?

As all the above gemstones are semi-precious; their power may not stay for a long time. And if you are wearing these gemstones for astrological purpose then it should be properly charged with proper rituals.

Try not to wear energized Blue Turquiose and energized Red Carnelian at the same time as they are both significators of enemical planets. If you really want to wear then you can wear Red Carnelian after energizing it but do not wear while eating non-veg, performing your daily morning routines, having sex etc. so that it does not losses its astrological energizes.

It is advised that you don’t wear them all together for astrological purpose, however for ornamental purpose you can wear them all together.


Srinivasa Temkar