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Saturn being lord of 2nd and 3rd house, sitting in lagna. And having 10th aspect on 10th house which is not good as sun is present there. 

I would not suggest neelam. rather, your Kundali is very good, an higher level in Administration is assured if you put efforts. 

Currently You are going through Mercury Mahadasha and jupiter antar dasha. Mercury is exalted. from december Saturn antardasha would start.  

I would suggest Panna to you. That would definitely benefit. Mercury being lord of 7th and 10th house sitting in 10th house in conjunction with sun which is lord of 9th House. 

You can put on Yellow sapphire as well as it’s lord of 1 and 4th house and in sign of exaltation. It’s sitting in 8th house with Moon and Ketu. You have awesome instinct, things happen what you speak off, would gain unearned money and have desire for deeper knowledge.

Though it’s in common to recommend yellow sapphire and emerald together, but both can be put on in separate hands. emerald should be in working hand. 

All the best.