@Rikhav & deep_blue, I agree


@Rikhav & deep_blue,

I agree that Iron is the metal / significant metal symobolising Saturn. You can use iron metal for as a remedy for reducing the Saturn’s adverse effects. However here you are using one of the alternative remedial element of Saturn which is Blue Sapphire (neelam) so you need not require to use another element of Saturn itself. However, if you use iron / steel / five elements (pancha dhatu) ring or pendant it undergoes chemical changes when it comes in contact with skin and can cause some skin allergies otherwise Iron metal is the best for Blue Sapphire. But from our ancient times we have mostly used gold / silver ornaments which are friendly to skin and body.

Gold is signified by Jupiter which is neutral to Saturn so no harm in wearing “Blue Sapphire” with Gold metal. You can wear Blue Sapphire with Silver as Silver represents both Moon and Venus where Venus gels well with Saturn but Moon doesn’t gels well with Saturn so you will not get 100% positive result.

Apart from these; just wearing gemstone all the time does not give you 100% result. To gain maximum positive result one has to keep on energising gemstones frequently as gemstones will start loosing its +ve energy fighting with -ve energies around the person who is wearing it.

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Srinivasa Temkar