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@ Rakesh Kulkarni,

To be frank with you i can see there is no such golden period as per you aspirations in your life. The sun is in exalted position, however he is been afflicted by malefic rahu. And the Sun in your horoscope is in Mrit avasta which means dead, so you cant expect miraculous change in your life. However from october 2016 till february 2019 you will be in an good situation where your family status and relationship / partnership will be in its peak position.

And also a caution to you after this november 2014 there will be saturn transition in scorpio, where i would advice you not to do any buisness in partnership if done it would see failure and putting you in huge loss. And there will be some low time period which could last till april 2017 and after that another 2.5 years say till 2019 you will be in Kantaka Shani / asthama shani period, where you will find lot of family tensions, financial crises, during this period. And this is been triggerd due to your this incarnation bad deeds are been more due to your arrogancy and wiked behaviour, and most of the time leaning towards injustice. 

So as a precautionary measure you need to start following some saturn remedies from now itself, so after november your situation shouldn’t be worse.


Srinivasa Temkar