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As per your wife’s birth details, she has born on Thursday, under shatabisha constellation 2nd quadrant Aquarious Zodiac and Scorpio Ascendant.

Referring your wife’s birth details she is a negative thinking person, rough voice when in temperment and good in scolding. And when calm you need to think if she is the same person as she speaks so calmly and respectfully. She is a high doubtfull woman, so be careful, she will be keeping an eye on you.

As far as business is concerned you shouldn’t start venus related business as I adviced you before in the name of your wife. As in her natal chart venus is in loss house. And if you wanted to start gold / silver jewelery business, you can start in your  wife’s name as side business not as a main business because it will give you 50% profit and 50% loss. So decesion is left to you.


Srinivasa Temkar