@pentool, You are welcome. As



You are welcome.

As you have done the wrong pooja, what you can do is get rahu and ketu pooja done in Sri Kalahasti, especially on monday. And i can see its very tough for you to do you masters its not so easy. Howevery at this moment of time it wouldn’t be wise to advice you any gemstone as after performing rahu and ketu pooja in Sri kala hasti you might start getting easily diverted and made your obstacles clear for your masters. So first get this done and wait for atleast 4-7 months you should find the effect. However the effect depends upon how dedicatedly you will be involved during the pooja, you and your wife should sit for the pooja and you need to pray the lord kala hasteshwara to control these rahu and ketu and relase you from their trouble some effects. Then only your problems get solved.


Srinivasa Temkar