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As per the birth details provided by you, you are born on tuesday, in pushyami constellation 4th quadrant CANCER zodiac and Gemini Ascendant.

Referring your horoscope i can see you being an natural positive attitue person, however due to present problems you have turned to be more -ve thinking person, admoment in nature and arogancy. I can also see due to rahu placement in 2nd house with moon, you end up with loss of mother love or your mother realted health issues which would have been created due to your misbehaviour and behaving arogantly with her not obeying her words. I can also see you struggling hard to earn your breada and butter for your life. I can also see your disinterest in love and relationship, and also there are chances of breakups occurance.

you are running with Venus vimshottari from 2005 which will stay till may 2025. And i can see some financial crisis and family related problems arised from last july 2012, too much of tensions occuring in day to day life. Even i can your health issues and especially mother (if present) health realted issues allot. And this kind of tensions will remain till next year july 2015. After that i can see family realted little peace around 50% from present situation after next year july 2015. You can expect maximum relief from all the present problems after march 2018.

As per the transit is concerned you are facing financial problem in the form of losses and unwanted credits from last year may 2013. and family realted unhappines and family oriented tensions started popping up from last 25th december 2012. And these situation should pickup from november this year 2014.

I can understand now a days everyone call themself as astrologer without having proper knowledge. As per your horoscope, you are not having kalasarpa dosha/ yoga. Kala sarpa dosha will occur when all the nine planets are with in the custody of rahu and ketu (dragons head and tail), if you see your horoscope jupiter and saturn are outside the custodian of rahu and ketu. If really you would have kalasarpa dosha, you would have very critical fianancial crisis even finding it tough to earn one times bread and butter, however your situation is not at all to that extent. 

You are having bad positions of Rahu and ketu which are effecting your income, professional life, and your chances to visit and work in western countries. And i dont know what kala sarpa dosha nivarana pooja you did? you need to follow some remedial measures pertaining to rahu especially.

The pearl should have really helped you, however even there was a mistake by you or your astrologer. Moon stone / pearl shouldnt wear on little finger. After you started wearing you should have experienced health and family oriented problems instead of reducing your tensions.

Please let me know for what reasons you want to go for gemstone therapy. And what poojas you have followed for non present of kala sarpa dosha / yog.


Srinivasa Temkar