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@ pavithra,

I can understand your confusion as each astrologer based on his experience he will prescribe the relevant remedy, if you take example of doctors even each doctor would prescribe different medicine of different manufacturer. Here the point arises whether you had approached the required specialed doctor for your ailment and you had been prescribed the relevant medicine for the ailment. See the above said pooja even you can perform from your very own comforts of your home itself, if you could able to get the required skilled purohit who can get this pooja done. And why i adviced you kukke subramnya is because it is one of the very ancient serpent energized / blessed sacred place. It has very much old history from the sages and if you perform any pooja related to serpents and mars will find quiker results as its been serpents blessed placed and having a history from tretayug and dwapara yug. Similar kind of pooja even you could do in tryambakeshwar maharastra in the name of Nagabali pooja.

You have mistaken karma is the work what you do in this birth or any birth. The result which is punya (papa) is really matters. As you have born on Serpent powered nation which is our india if you kill or see killing snake live from you naked eyes, you are been affected by the sarpha hatya dosh. And serpents doesn’t spare so easily till it gets proper revenge for the papa karma did fron any natal person and it will follows several births till they gets satisfied and you feel heatedly sorry for the wrong thing which would had happen knowingly or unknowingly. Advicing is my sincere duty which you are been getting it for free here without any expectations from you. So i to gain some thing you have to sacrifice some thing is the only one thing which i would like to tell at this point of time.

This is the problem with new generation women they doesn’t know the value of the mangal sutra and they just treat it as an ornament. And for doing that there is a long procedure it doesnt mean remove the mangal sutra and wear it No….. For that first you need to come out of the marriage bondage and this you have to do by removing the mangal sutra and toe ring and offer it in Maa durga offerings and pray for good things ot happen. Then both husband and wife has to stay apart for 48 days with out any connection between day it can be physical or oral or telephonic or visual. And they need to follow strict bramhacharya all the 48 days. They need to come out of all the luxury life, like they need to sleep on the floor, try to be very much normal dressed to their offices, perform regular pooja to the god as prescribed. Then later on a particular auspicious muhurtham the mangalya dharan has to be performed in an sacred place like tirupathi( dont again tell its nearer to me), or any other sacred place. By doing this you are again re-joining to an relationship newly.

And dont under estimate about Kukke subramany for your information if you doesn’t The great cricket legent , Master blaster our Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar also had sarpa dosha due to which he was continuously failing to play cricket, then i travelled to Kukke subramanya along with his wife stayed there for 3 days and performed pooja later he developed more in his cricket career. LIke that there are many legends who come all the way from western countries and perform pooja and go. So don’t ever underestimate about the power of the place.


Srinivasa Temkar